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Okay, I’ll Play Along: What I Would Give Up for Bobby Ryan

Apparently Bobby Ryan is being shopped around | ProHockeyTalk

Leave it to Nick Kypreos to keep the pot stirred on the rumor mill. Last night, Sportsnet’s Darren Millard tweeted that Kypreos heard from an NHL executive that Anaheim is shopping Bobby Ryan around to see what they could get in a deal for the former first round pick. With coach Randy Carlyle still in good graces with management, making a trade of some kind to shake things up with the miserable Ducks (losers of 16 of their last 18) would make sense.[…]

There’s no secret that aside from offensive depth one of the other problems the Ducks have is on defense. There’s no stud defenseman here that’s capable of playing shutdown defense and while Lubomir Visnovsky is hurt, he’s a point producer and not a stopper. You’d have to think if Ryan is being shopped around that a top flight defenseman would be their target. […]

Question is, what would Anaheim want in return? A package involving a low-cost, high-potential defenseman and a prospect forward might be a good jumping off point. We’re sure that Leafs GM Brian Burke would love to get him since he’s the guy that drafted him in Anaheim years ago.

First of all, I’m not giving any special weight to this rumor. If Anaheim trades Ryan, they’re insane. But I want to use the rumor as a leaping-off point for discussion. First things first:

Would Ryan Look Good in a Kings‘ Jersey?

Three thirty goal seasons in his three full seasons in the NHL. Gagne-Kopitar-Williams, BrownRichards-Ryan? Yeah, that’s pretty sweet. Of course, you’d have to fire Terry Murray at the same time or soon after, so that some of these expensive guys can score goals, but we’ll leave that for another post.

What Would the Ducks Want?

If we accept the premise that they need help on defense…with shut-down capability? If it weren’t for that, I would say Jack Johnson. Pretending that they would do Ryan for Johnson straight-up, should the Kings jump at that?

(I’m thinking Niesy would say yes with an exclamation point, but correct me if I’m wrong, Niesy.)

Since Slava Voynov appears good to go, I would be inclined to say yes. We would in effect be trading up one pick, from 3rd overall to 2nd, in the 2005 draft. I would miss JJ, and I would hate to have to play him 6 times a year. But I think that would probably be a good deal for both teams.

However, what if the Ducks want a shut-down guy?

Well, that would be Rob Scuderi, Willie Mitchell or Matt Greene. I think I would say no to Scuderi, the Ducks would say no to Mitchell, and what the hell, if they want Greene, they can have him. Obviously, that wouldn’t be good enough, though. Matt Greene plus who else? Jarret Stoll? He’s a rental. So…add a juicy prospect? Andrei Loktionov or Tyler Toffoli? No. That would be short-sighted. I can see something like that happening, but I would say no. Am I too conservative? Probably. I can hear Lombardi saying “you have to give to get.”

How about Greene, Stoll and Derek Forbort? I would do that. The Ducks wouldn’t.

What if they’ll take a forward?

In a Ryan-for-x straight-up deal, the only forward I can see the Ducks wanting (besides Kopitar and Richards) is Dustin Brown. Would Ryan-for-Brown be a fair deal, both ways? Yeah, i think so. But it would be so mean to poor Dustin. Plus, Williams/Ryan/Brown down the right side is kind of ideal, with Brown finally playing the role he’s perfectly suited for.

So, I will have to pass giving up Brown. Especially since we’ll need him at the deadline to snag Zach Parise. (Joke.) ((I think.))


The only plausible deal that makes sense for both sides is Ryan-for-Johnson. That’s a hockey trade. I would be sad but happy. You know, like the Mike Richards deal.

And it would make the Kings/Ducks rivalry one step closer to being real.

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