Please Welcome The New Team at JFTC

Hello again, everyone.

As you know by now, Quisp has finally gotten to change the name of his blog. The razor-sharp analysis and Points Blown standings are still with us, just in a prettier silver setting. Good luck, Quisp; we'll all be haunting you there, too.

I'm going to do my best to keep the spirit of this site going. Let me just clear one enduring mystery up: the picture in my profile is of Bernie Nicholls, and not me. I''ve followed this team since I was a little girl. Bernie immediately became my favorite player, and I chose that picture to honor him. I only wish I had that glossy hair. (If Bernie wasn't too busy fixing the Kings' offense, I'd ask for some tips.)

I'm also very pleased to have a few familiar faces on board. With their help, JFTC will have some new features.

  • Robert P. (AKA Rick Knickle) will be bringing us his chart wizardry over from The Annoying Peasant. If you've ever been curious about the new stats and what they all mean, we'll help you get started. We promise it will explain our undying love for Alec Martinez.
  • Dominick (AKA defrim65) will be writing recaps and analysis for us. I always look forward to reading his thoughts after every game; now they'll be in handy post form. Welcome, Dominick!
  • Finally, we'll be adding detailed scoring chance reports after every Kings game. When we track who gets quality shots off from the slot, we can get a better picture of the team.

I hope you'll stick around for this wild ride through Kings fandom. If you have any questions or ideas, drop me a line any time at niesyjftc (gmail dot com). I can also be found on Twitter at NiesyJFTC.

Thanks for reading, and go Kings go!