Postgame/Rank the Players: Escape from Arizona

After Jake Muzzin's ejection puts the points in jeopardy, Kopitar's OT winner rescues them.

Will you reward the Kings for getting out of Glendale with a win, or will you punish them for making us nervous along the way? Let's see. Assign thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs below:

Best American Hockey Players

For two periods LA looked very, very sloppy, as they managed to seize control of the flow of the game but couldn't generate clean chances and forced Jonathan Quick to face a number of dangerous counter-attacks. An injury to Jeff Carter forced Anze Kopitar and the other forwards to carry a heavier load. And then, despite that, they scored three goals in the early third thanks to Arizona's penalty troubles, and they seemed to be running down the clock up 3-1 with little trouble until Jake Muzzin hit Boyd Gordon.

That led to a five-minute PK, and when Alec Martinez cleared the puck over the glass, the ensuing 5-on-3 and subsequent 5-on-4 time helped Arizona tie things up. Thankfully, Kopitar (who set a career high in single-game regular season ice time tonight) had enough gas left in the tank to score the OT winner on Louis Domingue.

More to come in the recap, including definitive confirmation that Dustin Brown scored a goal!