Rank the Players: Zatkoff Struggles as Kings Lose Third Straight

LA played better than the final score. Mostly.

Aaaaaaaand scene!

Rank the players below:

For the second straight season, the Kings have lost their first three games. Last season, LA mustered just fifteen shots in getting shut out by the Vancouver Canucks. This year, both teams had fifteen shots as the second period wound down. LA had scored on one. Minnesota had scored on five.

It's been an inauspicious beginning for Jeff Zatkoff as the Kings' starter, and there will surely be calls for LA to start Peter Budaj or otherwise upgrade their goaltending. Pickings are slim, though.

Instead, your mental state might be better off thinking about how the Kings did indeed look better tonight. Unfortunately, Zatkoff gave up a goal with ten seconds left in the first after twelve shotless minutes for the Wild, and the feeling of things going downhill never really went away.