Recap, Kings @ Wild: “On the Bright Side...”

A dispiriting 6-3 loss leads to a desperate search for silver linings.

I really thought the Los Angeles Kings were going to avoid a second straight 0-3 start. And yet, despite scoring first for the second time in their first three games, they once again lost. It was a perfect storm of bad goaltending, poor special teams, and post-hitting (three in the first period!).

On the bright side... we asked our followers on Twitter to find some silver linings in the wake of today’s loss, and they did not disappoint.

Tanner Pearson.

The Kings missed their dangerous winger quite a bit, and if they hadn’t given up six goals (yes, big if), Pearson would have been the story.

Stars fans are excited to face the Kings.

Very funny.

the newbies weren’t to blame.

Pearson’s season debut was complemented by those of Nic Dowd and Tom Gilbert, and though Dowd and Gilbert struggled compared to #70, they should hold on to lineup spots. And Gilbert got his first point!

... wait is this even a bright side right now

one of our goaltenders was fine.

Jeff Zatkoff, sadly, had a horrendous night. Peter Budaj had a good night, though! His first scoreless period in a Kings uniform was tonight’s third.

we could lose all our games!

we could win all our games!

There was one clear winner, though...

the Dodger’ win over the Cubs was at the exact same time.

They made your lives better whether you didn’t watch...

... or you did, but other people didn’t.

So, uh, thanks for that. And thanks to all who unintentionally helped us write a recap!