Town Crier: Your Kings News Roundup (6/7/12)

Oh yeah, that's what a loss feels like.

So the Kings didn't win the Stanley Cup last night, and they're not going to tie the Oilers' 16-2 playoff record. That's mildly disappointing. But if you had to lose one, it might as well come in a game that was your best of the series from a puck possession standpoint. If LA can maintain that kind of play on Saturday night in Newark, they will likely get to hoist the Cup. And hey, we can still set the all-time record for most road wins in the playoffs. That's something.

It does make me a little sad that the Kings couldn't reward yet another loud-as-hell sold-out crowd, but them's the breaks. Notice I said "yet another", fans of other teams (cough TORONTO cough). The LA Kings are a model sunbelt franchise- owned by a huge corporation with absolutely no financial problems, have drawn constant sellouts for the past 3 seasons even when the team has struggled, and have a loyal and passionate hardcore fanbase that lived through this rebuild. And yet somehow we've become the poster child for a bandwagon fanbase up in the Great White North. But you know, it's been so long since Toronto actually made the playoffs, maybe they just don't remember what it's like. Because I guarantee you plenty of people who normally don't pay any attention to the Leafs suddenly start paying real close attention. That's how it works in every city, and to pretend otherwise just so you can make silly, jealousy-fueled jokes on Twitter is ludicrous.

Anyway, off the soapbox and onto the links, after the jump.

Game 4 Recaps

  • We've got no less than four different recaps at the LA Times covering the Kings third Game 4 loss. Lisa Dillman starts us off with some interesting quotes from both sides. Doesn't really sound like either team is overreacting to it on either side. [LA Times] Helene Elliott has more quotes from the Kings about blowing the chance to wrap it up at home. [LA Times] Bill Plaschke tries to get all philosophical on us and say the Kings cracked under the pressure, which is incorrect. [LA Times] And Chris Foster talks about the douchebag hero of the moment, Adam Henrique. [LA Times]
  • Rich Hammond has your postgame notes, accidentally called "postgame quotes". Guess losing threw him for a loop too. [Kings Insider]
  • A.J. Perez focuses in on the Devils trying to keep the hope alive after their Game 4 win. [FS West]
  • Justin Bourne over at the Backhand Shelf blog has some more postgame bullets. [BS]
  • Brigitte Lynne from One Girl, One Puck laments the loss of some fine playoff beards, and has plenty of pictures from her great seats at Staples. [OGOP]
  • On the Devils side, John Fischer has the recap at In Lou We Trust. As happy as he was to see his team get the win, he didn't hold any illusions about their quality of play in Game 4, which was nice to see. [ILWT]
  • Keeping things in Jersey, the Star-Ledger has lots of fun quotes from Devils players & staff trying to act like being in a 3-1 hole is a good thing. Sure thing guys. []

Other Kings News

  • Apparently Charlie Sheen thinks "no re-entry" means "no re-entry for the common folks, but re-entry if you're Charlie Sheen". Fox Sports West has the hilarious tale of Sheen losing it during Game 4. [FS West]
  • Want to read an old pal tear an incredibly stupid anti-Kings article a new one? [McSorley's Stick]
  • "Shoot high stick side on Quick!" say the idiots. Arctic Ice Hockey is here to point out the fallacy with this argument (hint: small sample size). [AIH] /

Other NHL News

  • A pair of GMs got contract extensions- Dale Tallon of the Florida Panthers, which makes sense [On Frozen Pond], and Steve Tambellini, which does not. [Copper & Blue]
  • John Davidson might be going to Columbus. Could he convince Rick Nash to stay put? [Puck Daddy]
  • Finally, if you haven't heard about Luongo's possible undercover Twitter account, I guess you've been living under a rock. Canucks blog Pass it to Bulis has a hilarious "interview" with Luongo (or some random guy pretending to be him, but we're all pretty sure it's Luongo). [PITB]

That's all I've got for you today folks. Saturday night it'll be my turn to cheer on our boys, as I dropped a small fortune for corner seats on the LA attack side. Hey, the LA attack side was more expensive, can't imagine why! Hopefully I don't get a beer thrown on me for celebrating too loud.

Keep calm and go Kings!