Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2014

Oh, and a quick look forward to 2015.

It's been an incredibly up-and-down year for the Los Angeles Kings. Thankfully, we can look back on those highs for the rest of our lives, as the Kings won four of the most incredible playoff series they've ever participated in, and one of the most incredible playoff series ANYONE has ever participated in, on their way to a second Stanley Cup. LA brought us some thrilling fan experiences this season (we're fans first, right?), and even in 2014-15, the Kings have been able to bring us record-breaking performances... along with the frustrating losses to the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers, of course. The lows, of course, have been mostly off-ice; it's clear that the Kings organization needs to handle the ongoing situation, and any similar one, better than they have treated the situation thus far. If that change and growth comes in 2015, it will be an unequivocally good year.

(If you want a solid recap of that 2014 run, this fanpost from esteemed commenter Puddle should do the trick.)

As a site, it was a pretty interesting 2014. We were able to take advantage of some tremendous opportunities this season. For starters, Jewels from the Crown got to cover all five games of the Stanley Cup Final and the NHL Awards. As press! We also made appearances at the Stadium Series, at all three rounds of the playoffs, and even on Fox Sports West. We added three new energetic and intelligent writers to our existing staff in 2014, and we are looking forward to expanding again soon. (Hint, hint, prospective writers.) We even got our own podcast! More people visited Jewels from the Crown in 2014 than in any year before, and it's been a pleasure interacting with all of you on here, on social networks, and in person.

As for today, the first day of 2015? The Washington Capitals and Chicago Blackhawks face off in the Winter Classic. We all know the true classic is taking place on February 21 at Levi's Stadium, but we can let the Eastern half of the United States think they're important today.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and we hope that 2015 is a rewarding and fruitful year for each and every one of you.