Jewelcast 25: Six Months Later...

A tribute to our love of our own voices.

Six months ago, we started this little Jewelcast thing with twenty straight minutes of technical difficulties, a clear sign of what was to come. We've yet to miss a week since we started, which either says something about our collective devotion or something about how little I have to do on Monday nights personally. Over the course of twenty-four episodes, we've brought you everything from serious conversations that needed to happen to complete debauchery with popular bloggers and that time we spent a half-hour talking about absolutely nothing (amazingly that was describing one episode and not, like, most in our history). And now, here we are at episode number twenty-five.

So how can we celebrate such a clear milestone? First of all, we'll stuff the most Jewels from the Crown bloggers into one episode ever: in addition to yours truly, you'll also get our esteemed editor Eric, one of our newest contributors Sheng, and (making her first co-hosting appearance) our Links and Monarchs and Modo (oh my!) correspondent Robyn. That's a lot of people, right? Obviously we need another one! So we'll also be joined by return guest Ari (@thirtyfourseven) of SBN Flames blog Matchsticks & Gasoline, as she'll try and educate us all on the inexplicable continued success of the Calgary Flames.

You can listen in live starting at 7:00 pacific/10:00 eastern by heading over to our episode page, or by using the live stream I've embedded below. You'll also find a Skype click-to-talk button on the episode page should you want to join us on the air, or can call in via more traditional means by dialing 347-850-1179 (let's say you wanted to call in and share with us your favorite Jewelcast memory from the past 24 episodes, maybe?!). If you wanna share your thoughts in 140 characters-or-less, tweet to the hashtag #jewelcast. Should you miss the show live it will be archived shortly afterwards here (using the same player), on our Itunes feed, and now via Stitcher as well! As always, enjoy the show.

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